Funny Games

The two games on this page are very simple but not easy to solve. The first one, with four matches, is extremely simple but just a few people are able to solve them. The second one, a puzzle with only five pieces, contains a "mental trap", absolutely illogical, that influence people who try to solve this problem. Propose these games to your friends, it will be fun.


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Spade with the garbage

Four matches form a spade. In the middle of the spade you have the garbage, as on the picture below. You have to move twice the matches to reform the spade and the garbage must remain outside of the reform spade. It should be a very simple game but finding the solution isn't easy.

game with matches

Game's solution

Magic square puzzle

On the picture below there are five pieces of a puzzle. Print the image (press the right key of your mouse and then "print image..."), it's better if you print in colors, cut the pieces and form with them a square. You have to use all the pieces and the square must be a square, not a rectangle.
The solution is very simple, but there is a "psychological trap" that prevent many people to solve this game. Having this information will help you to find the solution. Try to propose this puzzle to your friends without mentioning the "trap" and you will see the result.

puzzle of the magic square

Solution of the puzzle

Son, 14, asks his mom:
- Mom, why doesn't Dad live with us anymore?
- My son, do you know how to delete messages from WhatsApp?
- Sure mom.
- Your dad didn't know...

- Why the blondes don't make the ice?
- Because they don't know the recipe.

A blonde woman calls her husband from the car:
- Dear, I'll be late; a queue has formed.
- How long is it?
- I don't know, I'm the first.

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