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On big demand of our dear visitors, who for years supported unconditionally our work, since August 2011 we have started a mailing list of jokes. In this way we try to reciprocate the love you have shown us during all these years, from the opening of the site, more than 10 years ago, in the far 2000.

Join our mailing list and receive for free, weekly jokes in your e-mail box, for your fun and tell it to your friends. Just enter in the form below the address of your e-mail and the thing is done. We will respect your privacy at 100%: we will not ask you other data, and we guarantee that in no case your address will be used for any other purpose, and will not be sold to third parties for spamming with the hated publicity.

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If the mail does not arrive after some time, please check in your spam folder. If so, add our e-mail address as reliably for not having to constantly return to the box with spam.

If for any reason one day you will not want to receive more our jokes, you can unsubscribe at any time. At the bottom of the e-mail you will receive a link that with a simple click will allow you to unsubscribe from the list.

During holidays and vacation periods, as we try to rest from time to time, and the sending of the joke is not automatic, the period between the two jokes you receive may be longer than a week.

The CEO of a big multinational is a great hunting enthusiast, but he is not very good. He took a weekend off to indulge in his passion. He is accompanied by an assistant, very ambitious. The CEO takes aim with a shotgun and shoots a flock of wild ducks ... he doesn't hit a single one. His assistant:
- Incredible: they are dead and still fly.

- I'm sitting in the garden of my house. From the kitchen I brought the coffee pot with the coffee still hot. As I added the sugar into the cup, a few grains fell onto the table. Immediately an ant approached, took a turn around, and disappeared on the other side of the table. Now I see that about fifty ants are marching towards me on that side. I decided to clean the sugar off the table, so the ant that discovered the grains will pass for a liar.

Two ladies are sitting on the wooden bench in a park:
- I heard your daughter came back from London.
- Yes, she's back.
- Did she bring any souvenir?
- Yes. Next Sunday we will baptize him.

An important member of the Chinese Communist Party died. A whole week's mourning has been proclaimed. A citizen calls the Central Committee:
- Excuse me, I would like to know if it is allowed to make love during mourning?
- Yes, but only with your own wife.
- But why only with my wife?
- So that the mourning is even greater.

- This morning, in the company parking lot, I scratched my boss's new car. He arranged with payroll office to retain 60 dollars from my paycheck for the next three years. At least, I have a secured job for that period.

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