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Two friends:
- You know, yesterday my wife ran away with my best friend Robert.
- But since when is Robert your best friend?
- Since yesterday!

In a hotel's restaurant a very fat man is sitting. The waiter asks him:
- Did you like your breakfast?
- Yes I did, maybe a little too abundant; I struggled to eat everything.
- Sir, it was a buffet breakfast.

Two friends sitting in a bar and drinking their beers:
- Have you heard that there is a hotel where you eat, drink, make love, sleep and when you go away they also give you 100 dollars?
- Come on, don't tell stupid things. From whom did you hear this one?
- From your wife.

A man walks into a bar and says to the bartender:
- A drink for me, one for all the people present and one for you.
The bartender executes the order, he also drinks his drink but the guy, once he finished drinking, ran out, without paying the bill. The next day, he backs in the same bar and repeats the order:
- A drink for me, one for all the people present and one for you.
The bartender, while he is serving drinks, starts to think: "Yesterday this client did not pay, I hope today he will". For the second time, the man ran out of the bar without paying. The bartender was so angry that he reached him at the exit and started beating him. The following day, the usual client enters in the bar, black and blue, full of bruises:
- A drink for me, one for all the people present but no drink for you. When you drink, you become violent.

Two friends, both married, decide to have fun on a Saturday night. They go to a night bar to find a prostitute. After having negotiated the price and split the check, the first one goes in the
room with the woman. Once he is out, the friend asks him: - Tell me, how it was?
- Not bad but my wife is better.
Ten minutes after, the second man leaves the room and the friend asks him:
- So...?
- You were right. Your wife is better.

Two good acquaintances are sitting in a bar.
- I hear you're getting divorced from your wife. Is it true?
- Unfortunately it's true.
- But, why?
- I'm embarrassed. You know, she goes from one bar to another.
- I understand, she drinks a lot.
- No. She is searching for me.

Two drunks are making conversation at the bar:
- Tell me, how does your wife reacts when you come home drunk?
- I'm not married!
- And why are you drinking?

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