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In the school, the teacher asks the children to tell which animals they have in the house. The answers are varied:
- I have a kitten.
- We have two dogs at home.
- I have fish in my aquarium.
- ...
Finally, it is Little Johnny's turn.
- So, Johnny, what animal do you have at home?
- We have the chicken in the freezer.

Little Johnny falls asleep standing in front of the blackboard. The teacher:
- Johnny, you fell asleep. What did you do last night?
- I stayed all night in front of the mirror with my eyes closed.
- But why?
- I wanted to see what I look like when I sleep.

Dad says to Little Johnny:
- My son, hurry up, because you will be late for school!
- Don't worry dad, they keep it open until 5pm.

Before going to bed, Little Johnny prays.
- Oh God, make Amsterdam the capital of Sweden from today.
The mother hears it:
- My son, what prayer is this?
- Today we had a written test in geography.

The teacher asks the pupils which of them could describe the functioning of the state. Little Johnny raises his hand and gets the chance to express his vision:
- The state is like a transatlantic ship in the storm. The captain is the prime minister and the crew are the ministers.
- Bravo Johnny! A nice explanation. And where are the citizens?
- Travelers are citizens.
- And what do they do?
- They throw up!

Little Johnny arrived late for school. The teacher demands justification.
- Teacher, you taught us to respect road signs.
- And with this?
- I saw one where it says: "Slow down, school!"

Dad discovers that his 11-year-old son Little Johnny smokes.
- But my son, you are just in fourth grade of elementary school and you already smoke.
- But daddy, you were smoking in fourth grade, too.
- That's true, but I was 18.

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Little Johnny