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Husband and wife

Husband and wife at the table after lunch. He:
- Honey, I didn't tell you I went looking for a new job this morning. They gave me a role in a movie. I will be an actor.
- Come on, what are you talking about? You are not an actor. Which movie will you play in?
- They gave me a role in an adult movie.
- I don't believe it either. What's your role?
- I play a husband who goes to work.

Three balls

Not a long time ago I've visited an andrologist (a specialist in men's diseases, a sort of gynaecologist for men). After a half an hour of waiting, I finally enter in the studio and explain my problem to the doctor.
- You know doctor I have a problem in a "down town" area and I'm so embarrassed when I'm with a girl, I'm completely blocked.
- I understand, tell me in what consist your problem.
- I'm embarrassed, you know I've never been to an andrologist before...
- But I'm a doctor and there is no need to be shamed. Tell me what is your problem.
- Doctor, I have three balls.
The doctor, after a moment of hesitation where he pretends not to be surprised, tells me:
- Let me see!
I show him the balls, the three balls, and the doctor starts to examine. After 5 minutes he finishes examining and tells:
- From the physiological point of view everything is fine except the number, but there is no need to worry, you can consider yourself as a super man.
I exit from the studio, calm and happy, finally got rid of my old complex. The doctor's words have convinced me: I am a super man. The day is beautiful, sunny and little bit windy. I took a bus to go back home and near me a black man sits (I don't want to be racist but for this joke the information about color is important), young and cute at the first sight. I am in the good mood and I want to make him a joke so I start to speak with him:
-You know that we, together, have 5 balls?
The guy watches me, surprised and after a while he answers me:
- Poor guy, you have only one ball?

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