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Is it truth that the Scots are skinflints? These jokes say YES!


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A Scot enters in a bus and asks the driver:
- Excuse me, is it necessary to pay the ticket for a flower?
- Sure not.
- Come on Rose.

Two Scots, a father and his son, go to America.
- Daddy, when we'll arrive?
- Shut up and swim.

- Why do Scots watch porn films from the end to the beginning?
- Because they like a happy ending, when the prostitute gives the money back to the client.

A Scot came back from work earlier than usual and saw a plumber's car in the front of his house.
- Oh my God, I hope it is her lover.

While a Scot is pissing, a pound falls into the toilet. Desperately, he looks at the pound and asks himself whether a pound is worth getting his hands dirty. After thinking for a while, he takes 10 pounds out of his pocket and throws them into the toilet.
-Well, it's worth getting your hands dirty for eleven pounds!

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